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Posted on 20 January 2014


Ikea-Brakig-limited-edition-02Ikea-Brakig-limited-edition-03Ikea-Brakig-limited-edition-04At Ikea this year spring arrives early, in February will be all a bloom of pastel colors, vitamined tones and fabulous patterns. At the beginning of next month it will be launched BRÅKIG a limited-edition collection, 36 new products: furniture, accessories, wallpapers and textiles,  in  collaboration with the danish studio ArtRebels.

What Others Are Saying

  1. ArtRebels 22 January 2014 at 11:55

    Thanks for the nice words! Here is a little « behind-the-scenes » blogpost from the design team in case you are curious: http://www.artrebels.com/blog/bråkig-artrebels-ikea-collab :) THANKS! <3

  2. Moody 22 January 2014 at 14:58

    you’re welcome!

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