coloring the desert

Posted on 6 November 2013





“Le fotografie di Sherry sono così terribilmente colorate che possono toccare i vostri nervi. Ma sono anche scaltramente decorative e non è facile togliersele dalla mente. Le tinte monocromatiche e le ambientazioni nel deserto rivelano influenze che vanno da  James Welling a Edward Weston, come nel loro, il lavoro di Sherry si sposta dentro e fuori l’astrazione. Senza i toni cremisi, cobalto, smeraldo e ambra, queste immagini potrebbero apparire come studi naturalistici del Sierra Club, ma il loro colore saturo ci manda piacevolmente al manicomio.” (The NewYorker)

David Benjamin Sherry‘s mountainscapes are dramatic, psychedelic and surrealistic; infused with colorful and poetic hues. The New York based artist explores color through a mixture of landscape and studio work. His recent series ‘Wonderful Land‘ and ‘Earth Changes‘ shows a wonderful natural and monochromatic abstraction. We wish paradise would be like these photographs…(via www.studioattenzione.com)

“Sherry’s photographs are so aggressively colorful they can get on your nerves. But they’re as shrewd as they are decorative, and they’re not easily dismissed. Monochromatic tints and desert settings reveal influences from a James Welling to Edward Weston, as Sherry’s work shifts into and out of abstraction. Without the crimson, cobalt, emerald, and amber toning, these might look like Sierra Club nature studies, but their saturated color sends them around an appealingly triply bend.”  (The NewYorker)


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  1. carly 6 November 2013 at 17:59

    Really stunning, I didn’t know him, but I like his works a lot!!

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